Island Hills Condominium Association Phase 2
P.O. Box 340
Sturgis, MI 49091
This is a “Work In Progress”, and will have continuous ongoing updates.

IMPORTANT: New home Builders, please pay CLOSE attention to items:
J, M and V
Owner Document Index

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A    Phase 2 Island hills Condominium Master Deed 1-3-2006
B    Phase 2 Island Hills Condo 1st Amendment (Expansion of Condo from 50 to 97 Units) 12-6-2006
C    Phase 2 Condo 2nd Amendment (103 & 104 and 117 & 118 and 121 & 122 ONE Building Site ea. 2-12-2007
D    Phase 2 Island Hills Condominium 3rd Amendment (Correcting Stafford Lot 75 size) 5-22-2008 
E    Phase 2 Recorded 4th Amendment to Master Deed (Hidden Pines is Limited Common Element) 8-17-2021
F    There is NO “F” document to view.
G    Island Hills Condominium Phase 2 Articles of Incorporation 1.5.06
H    Recorded Notice of Private Road (Stafford Lot 75 which is not a member of Condo) 5-18-21
I    Phase 2 RECORDED Amendment to Bylaws (Added Section 3c) 12-17-19
J    Phase 2 BUILDING RESTRICTIONS highlighted
K    Island Hills Community Contact Listing
L    Phase 2 RECORDED Written Transfer of Rev Comm Funct and Dev Rights and Powers 9-23-21 
M    Phase 2 (Recorded) Board Acceptance of Review Community Authority 
N    LTPOA and Island Hills Condos phases 1 & 2 Snow removal Agreement 1-19-21
O    Island hills Condominium Association Ph 1 & 2 Duties 2-11-22
V    Municipal Zoning Administrator Survey Guidelines Ph 1 & 2